Memorial Site Karajangasse

Learning remembrance. Experiencing remembrance. Teaching remembrance. The Memorial Site remembers the dark history of the school building of the Brigittenauer Gymnasium. Parts of the school building were a Gestapo prison in 1938. Classrooms turned into prison cells in which hundreds of Jewish men were forcefully imprisoned. The Memorial Site Karajangasse remembers the school's history during National Socialism and is a place where commemorative culture is learnt, lived and taught. Generations of students of the Brigittenauer Gymnasium have been working on the exhibition since its founding in 1988. They thus constantly add additional perspectives and aspects to the exhibition. The newest project being a sound installation which makes the rooms of the exhibition audibly accessible. The Memorial Site Karajangasse sees itself as a place to learn. Political education is communicated through historical examples and the principles of democracy, human rights, and constitutional legality are constantly discussed and reinforced.


On every full hour and via audio guide.


On every full hour and when required.