Phono Museum Vienna

Take a journey into the past! What was there before CDs and MP3 players? The fascinating answer to this can be found at the Phono Museum Vienna. Being funded by the City of Vienna and private sponsors, the museum fulfils the function of an art-historical and historical museum of audio technology in all its aspects. As a special museum of the consortium of district museums, it is also obliged to contribute to the collective conservation and living tradition of audio technology and the corresponding recording media. The collection includes phonographs, gramophones, radios, and remarkable mechanical musical instruments. Playing the original sound carriers from the museum archives on the respective machines makes complex historical connections audible, visible and tangible. Unique exhibits such as a phonograph from 1889 – the first industrially produced playback device for phonograph cylinders – give an account of the life and work of inventors such as Edison, Berliner, or Marconi.


This year, the Vienna Phono Museum is celebrating the life of one of the biggest entertainers of all times with historical audio documents from the musical archives. There will also be the chance to listen to original Elvis recordings on a Seeburg M100A jukebox from 1949.


Send a message on an original Morse telegraph!